The Not So Mexican Food

It’s been almost a year now since we’ve moved to Germany so we finally decided to cave in and go see what Mexican food was all about. I mean, why eat Mexican when you’re surrounded by all this German goodness?? Well, we gave it some time and the time had finally come to break down and give it a shot.

We’ve been hearing horror stories about it for several months now, however, a few people had said that it really wasn’t that bad and that it was more “Tex-Mex” than true authentic Mexican food. Due to these mixed reviews, we decided it was time to go see for ourselves.

So last Saturday night we did some research and picked a place that had several good reviews and that was also recommended by a few people in our area.

Well, I wish I could say that I have no words… but I have words, you guys.

It pretty much matched up with what we had been hearing.

The NOT so good parts.

First, let’s talk about some interesting/odd facts. It felt really weird to walk into a Mexican restaurant here and see Germans (obviously) running the place with Spanish music playing in the background. Secondly, the menu was completely in German and had a mix of Spanish words thrown in, like “queso” and “con” (Spanish for the words cheese and with). Third, I was probably the most Mexican person in there with my half-Mexican, half-Japanese self.

So, back to the food.

The salsa. Well, it was not salsa. At all. It tasted like a sweet spaghetti sauce with a teeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiny hint of cilantro. The rice, even worse, tasted like a pre-packaged microwavable version of some sort of (not so Spanish) rice. To top everything off, they thought that using MOZZARELLA cheese on every dish was a spectacular idea.

I ended up ordering a chimichanga. I don’t know why I didn’t just choose something more basic, like a taco, but I will assume after this entire experience that those wouldn’t have tasted much better either. My chimichanga tasted as if I was eating a pepperoni pizza calzone (with, literally, way too much mozzarella in it). I sat there dazed and confused with each and every single bite. I almost felt sorry for the other people around us eating the food and actually (seemingly) enjoying it. I mean, did they think this was what Mexican food really tasted like? Or were they in a dazed little trance like I was in, with that lovely little fake smile on their face to show the staff that they were doing an excellent job. I guess I’ll never know.

I will say, to be kind, that it was edible and I ate all of it (because I was starving). But, I really did think I was eating some weird version of a pizza that oddly enough looked exactly like a chimichanga.

This restaurant surprisingly had a ton of high ratings, too. Oh well. On a positive note, the staff was very friendly and spoke a bit of English with us which helped make the food a little bit more edible. It’s also worth mentioning that their chips were pretty alright. I ate them by themselves since I refused to eat any more of their salsa (which ended up all over the top of my chimichanga anyway).

So annnyway, I’m pretty thankful my half Mexican self can make some pretty good authentic homemade rice and beans. Truly made up for the Italian-Mex food we ate the other night. I think we will just stick to home cooking from now on when it comes to Mexican food and I’ve decided to start experimenting with more recipes so that we don’t have to miss Spanish food so much while living here.

Mexican Restaurant in Germany. 2018
My homemade rice and beans.


*Update: We’ve tried a few more Mexican restaurants here in Germany and they were all unfortunately not so great. The restaurant mentioned in this post, however, was absolutely the worst one yet.

Sorry, restaurant. 😔

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