Prague, as Promised.


A must.

Things to do in Prague? SO so much.

I definitely want to go back.

So to save you from a heavily worded post about every little thing that we did and didn’t do, here are my Top Ten Favorite things about Prague (so far) in no particular order.

1. The Charles Bridge. It was gorgeous. We skipped the fancy tours and just strolled along taking in all the sights and sounds and it was absolutely amazing.

2. The Cat Cafe. It was adorable. Don’t go in the summer though, there’s no air conditioning and it gets pretty stuffy in there. Other than that, the concept was cute, and the cats, even cuter. We did wish that they had a full service type menu to order from though. Instead, they had free-to-grab snacks and juices included in the price (per hour). For our very first Cat Cafe, it satisfied our needs to cuddle with kitties in a Cafe.

3. Angelato’s. OMG. Eat gelato here. PLEASE. I had pistachio & stracciatella in a cup and it did not disappoint.

4. The Astronomical Clock. It was closed and under repair but from what I saw, it was absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to go back and actually get a closer look.

5. Las Adelitas. Fantastic street tacos. Best birthday dinner, EVER.

6. Old Town Square. Just breathtaking. From the street food to the street performers, this is the place to be.

7. Pizzeria Kmotra. Cheap and delicious wood fired pizza. Did I mention cheap? and delicious?

8. Prague Zoo. Okay, we didn’t get to go here due to time restrictions but it was on our list and it had amazing reviews. So next time, this is our first stop.

9. Dyzajn Market. Loved every little thing about this little market. Great finds, good food, and live music.

10. The variety of things to do. So many restaurants, so many tours, so much to see and do. Definitely one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Europe so far.

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