Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz is as magnificent and magical as it sounds.

This gorgeous medieval castle is secluded in the woods and sits above the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier, Germany.

Being that this little gem was less than an hour away from our home, we definitely had to go check it out.

The castles here in Europe are absolutely stunning, from the way they’re built to the way they make you feel once you are surrounded by their massive presence.

The Eltz Castle tour is definitely worth the trip. The tour guides were well informed about the castle and its original inhabitants too, probably because it is surprisingly still owned by the same family that lived there in the 12th century. We were told that they don’t actually live there anymore but they do have a family member come out to check on the grounds every Thursday.

The tour took us through most of the castle. It is divided into three main living areas, as the siblings each had their own separate homes within the castle. Today, you can tour two of these three main areas as the third one is blocked off and kept private for the family.

I wish I could have taken pictures inside but sadly they did not allow video recording or photographs. Fortunately for you though, I found a YouTube video from about four years ago that provides a look inside the castle. It’s all in German but if you’re just looking to take a peak inside (or you speak German), click here.

Check out the slideshow below for more pics.

❤️ nae

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