Frühstück in Germany

Frühstück may sound like a challenging word but it simply means “breakfast” in German.

Frühstück here in Germany isn’t quite like your traditional American breakfast but that’s okay because it’s pretty darn delicious!! 😋

On this particular day, I decided to order the “pancakes” at which point the waitress decided to kindly warn me that, “it would not be like you would expect, it’s more like grandmother made them.”

Well, I’m not sure whose grandma made these “pancakes” but I sure would love to have her in my life!

These were absolutely delightful and paired very well with the dreamy, creamy vanilla sauce that accompanied it. They almost reminded me of a crepe, except these were a little bit thicker and a tiny bit fluffier. *drool*🤤

Lets also note that the perfect amount of powered sugar sprinkled delicately on top of the freshest fruit truly brought this breakfast up a notch. Pretty sure I’m going to start doing this at home to dress up all my meals. 😉

The french toast was incredibly delicious, too. They almost tasted like a fried funnel cake except these had a yummy raspberry jam surprise inside. 🥰

My heart is happy. ❤️

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