Top 40 Reasons You Know You’re an American Living in Germany

After living in Germany for over three years now there are some things that let you know that you’ve completely settled into your new environment. While we’re all human, Germans tend to do some things just a little bit differently than Americans.

Here’s my top 40 reasons how you’ll know you’re an American living in Germany, in no particular order:

1. You now squeal with delight and say “Tschussie” instead of goodbye.

2. You can go an entire meal off of one sip of still water.

3. You know the difference between “still water” and “water mit gas”.

4. You crave mayo with french fries instead of ketchup.

5. You no longer need Google Translate to read a menu.

6. You carry multiple reusable bags with you no matter where you go.

7. Your favorite sit down restaurants and open-air cafes are now considered your “fast food”.

8. Driving to Amsterdam or Prague is considered a day trip or a cheap weekend getaway.

9. You know to do all your errands on Saturday because nothing will be open on Sunday.

10. You can endure more than 20k steps on any given day, easily.

11. You know you’ll have to seek out and wave down your waiter if you want to pay the bill.

12. You’ve learned to eat slowly and enjoy the restaurant experience without feeling rushed.

13. You think Hershey’s chocolate tastes a little tart now.

14. You look forward to every single fest.

15. You know what “pork chop on a stick” is.

16. You forgot what a garbage disposal was.

17. You don’t expect ice in your drinks anymore.

18. You have to choose between two buttons to flush the toilet.

19. You know to always carry coins with you if you want to use the restroom in public.

20. You shop mostly at Ikea for your home furnishing and organizing needs.

21. You no longer laugh at the word “ausfahrt”.

22. You have more souvenirs than you know what to do with.

23. You plan all your driving routes around ESSO stations.

24. You forgot what it’s like to “pay at the pump”.

25. You know better to use the crosswalk and wait for the little green man.

26. You call the United States “the States”.

27. You eat gelato no matter what season it is.

28. You look forward to Christmas Market season.

29. You know the perfect place to buy fresh flowers.

30. You say “hallo” or “guten morgan” when you see people instead of “hello” or “good morning”.

31. You can find round trip flights for a family of five to Dublin for under 500 euros.

32. You’re a recycling professional now.

33. You know where to find the best döner kebabs in town.

34. You have a trip planned to another country for every three day weekend.

36. You think rolladens are the best invention ever.

37. You are no longer shocked that beer is cheaper than a glass of water.

38. Your windows are open all year round, and you’re a pro at tilting them opened.

39. You know how to survive summers without air conditioning.

40. Your kids scream silly little things like, “but I don’t want to go to Paris again!”.

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