THE Twinings Tea

Remember back in December when I went to London?


That’s because I never posted about it. Oops!

London was amazing, y’all! As if I even needed to say that.

My very first stop, of course, with my tea loving self, was the Twinings Tea shop right in the heart of London.

Can you believe this place has been around for more than 300 years!?

Like, what?!

That’s a LOT of tea! (and yes, they sell coffee too!) 😊

I got to sample different flavors of tea from their Loose Tea Bar and then stuffed my carry-on with as much tea as I could. 😅

Check out the photos below and then stay tuned for another post with the rest of my photos from my London adventures.

❤️, nae

Entrance. 1706!
You can book your very own tea experience!
You can buy different flavors by the packet.. or the box!
My friend got me these! 🤩
My stash! LOVE all of these but the Lady Grey is my ABSOLUTE favorite. 😍
Of course I bought this, too! A must for any tea lover.


TIP box.
Daniel Twining, second head of firm.
Love that the shop was also set up like a mini museum.
Tried the Green Tea Mango to go. 😋
I also purchased one of those tote bags. 😍 Of course. 😉

You Are Here

I’m not a big Starbucks fan (mainly because I don’t drink coffee plus I find it easier to just make my own tea), however, I have family and friends that loooove Starbucks and that’s exactly how I discovered these little gems while living abroad.

Thanks, friends.

These are from the Starbucks’ “You Are Here” collection and I absolutely adore the graphics on these. Isn’t this the most adorable design ever?

I haven’t started collecting these (simply because I don’t have the cabinet space- ha!) but I’ve been oh so tempted for quite some time.

As you can see, I finally broke down and bought the Disneyland Paris one, because, you know, why not?🤷‍♀️🤩

Hopefully I maintain some self control and don’t start collecting more. 😅🙈

Either way, these are such a wonderful souvenir idea that I just couldn’t resist.😍

*update* I just bought a “Germany” mug.

So it begins.



Second update*** I just bought the one in Prague! Ahhhh

IMG_20190423_164827_304 (1)


Welcome to Globus!

What is a “Globus”, you ask? Globus kind of reminds me of a store in between a Walmart and a Super Target. You can find a lot of things at Globus but most people generally go there to do their grocery shopping. I like to go there and browse every single isle because it’s all just so interesting to me. Every time I go in there, they have really unique seasonal items up front when you walk in. This time when I went in, they had a massive display of Deutschland items and soccer paraphernalia. Needless to say, I stocked up on a ton of really cool German goodies.

One of the biggest things about shopping in Europe is that you almost always have to carry a euro coin with you in order to unlock the shopping cart for use. Think “Aldi” back in the states (which is a German store by the way). Anyway, Globus is the one rare exception to this rule because the shopping carts are all free to use, no coins needed. Technically, all carts are free to use because once you return it, your coin pops back out. However, if you forget to bring one, you’ll have to desperately scrounge around and somehow find a way to get change, or you’ll just have to go without. Another interesting fun fact worth mentioning about shopping carts here in Europe is that none of the wheels are locked in a forward facing position which allows you to glide the cart sideways as well. This was something that was a little hard to get used to when we first moved here (we kept accidentally drifting off to the sides) but now I seriously don’t understand why all shopping carts in the United States don’t do this. It really makes navigating the cart a whole lot easier (and fun 😉 ) .

The second thing that we have learned to do here in Europe is to carry reusable shopping bags with us everywhere we go. This took a whole lot of trial and error because we kept forgetting we needed to bring them with us when we first moved here. Even the shopping outlets/malls will charge you for use of their store bags so you have to remember to carry them at all times. Generally this fee is quite small though, starting out at about 20 to 30 cents (euro) per bag, however, some bags can get up to 1-3 euros depending on the size and quality you need. Those off days where I forget to bring my own bags along with me, a sense of failure and disappointment flows through my entire body as I pay for yet another reusable bag to add to my (quite large) collection I’ve been growing at home. So, because of this fact, I’ve learned to keep a variety of bags in my car and purse.

Below are some photos I snapped of my most recent trip to Globus. Next time, I think I’ll write a more detailed post about a few of the interesting products that they sell on their shelves. I’ve seen some quite extraordinary things in there.

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