The Chocolate Line

While in Belgium, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop into one of Bruges most popular chocolate stores, The Chocolate Line! 😍

They offer the most unique and most incredible flavors, it’s literally just a treat to walk in and window shop!

Of course, I couldn’t resist buying yet another box of chocolates! Take all my money chocolate stores!! 🤑😆

The best thing about Belgium is that there’s practically a chocolate store on every corner and they’re all delightfully delicious in their own way. 🤗 However, I believe Mary in Brussels will always be my absolute 100% favorite chocolate shop of all time. ❤️🍫

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop into The Chocolate Line, though, this place was absolutely devine, quirky and so much fun! The smell of chocolates hits you from the front door steps. I mean, who would try to avoid that?! 🤤

Enjoy the slideshow of photos below to see just how unique the flavors are and stay tuned for more posts about our Thanksgiving weekend in Belgium!

PS- If you’re unable to see the slideshow, then be sure to check out my website from the desktop site. It’s magical, I promise. 😘

❤️ nae

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