A couple weeks ago, the Wilhelm Street Festival (also known as the Wilhelmstraßenfest) was held downtown Wiesbaden. It is considered one of the oldest street festivals in Germany and this was the 41st time it was held. Since we had nothing better to do and because we always get excited when we hear the word festival, we decided to go check it out for ourselves.

One of the (many) things I’m going to miss about Germany when we move back to the states in a few years are the amazing festivals that pop up here and there (they tend to never disappoint). The majority of these festivals go ALL out, from adorable little food stands and food trucks to amazing (and sometimes crazy) carnival rides. We always seem to discover a new type of cuisine and we absolutely love when we run into a food stand serving up something delicious that we’ve enjoyed in the past. At just about every one of these festivals, you can also find a variety of shops filled with unique jewelry and trinkets that always seem to enhance our festival experience.

We headed to the festival around noon on Saturday and found hardly any crowds and practically no lines. I wondered for a little bit if going at night would had been a better choice because it was almost 90 degrees outside, however, I had a friend tell me, who opted to go at night, that it was so incredibly crowded that she could barely move. The way the streets light up with all the wonderful sights and sounds makes for a completely different experience at night though. However, the peacefulness of the day time experience makes it really hard to choose which scene is best. So, I think next year, I’ll definitely try to experience both, because why not?

Regardless of the time of day, I definitely can’t wait to go back to next year’s Wilhelm Street Festival.

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